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Whole House Music

The idea of having music throughout the home is idea that has grown by leaps and bounds over the last several years. Incorporating this lifestyle technology has become simple to use, easy to install, and more affordable than ever before.

The most basic of systems could include distributing one or more sources such as an iPod, CD, or the multitude of streaming sources to several rooms of your home. You would be able to control the volume of the music in each room individually by the use of a dimmer-style volume control.

The next level would be to distribute multiple sources to each room but having the option to play different sources in different rooms at the same time. For example, you could listen to your iPod in the kitchen while listening to SiriusXM in the office and Internet radio in the basement. All the while being able to control these devices from the room in which you are listening.

The flexibility of controlling these devices can range from an infrared receiver built into the volume control to a touchscreen keypad to Smartphone control.

Some of the more advanced products such as media streaming devices from Sonos and Nuvo allow you to access the music stored on your PC or stream from online services such as Pandora and Spotify. If you have a very large music collection you can use a media server to store your CD and DVD collection and distribute you media to multiple locations in the home. Access to the music is usually gained by touchscreen keypads and smartphone and tablets that can display album cover art as well as your entire collection organized by artist, genre, or customized playlists.

There are wireless options for most of these technologies.