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New Construction

One of the most crucial steps when building is to make sure that your new home is wired for the future. Besides basic TV and Phone wiring (even wiring for landline telephone is on its way out), computer networks are almost an essential part of your home's infrastructure. Wiring a new home with Cat5/6/7 is necessary to interconnect the home and the technology inside it.

Creating a solid wireless network is also essential to keep everyone's wireless devices connected and secure. Wireless access points allow for extensive configurations to provide security and handle the traffic of today's mobile devices. A good wireless network is necessary because most households have many wireless devices running simultaneously.

This is also the time to wire for your Whole House Audio System and Surround Sound systems. We make sure you are aware of all the products available that make use of the wiring infrastructure and custom design that wiring for your new home.

The Connected Home is a Smart Home

There are a multitude of devices that can create a Connected Home. These devices can be hardwired or wireless and when a system is designed properly, it can make your home Smart.

The product range includes audio and video, security, thermostats, lights and shades. The communication protocols include Z-Wave, Zigbee, 2.4mHz and 5.8mHz as well as proprietary mesh networks. Appliances and devices can be automated through timers and occupancy sensors and remote controls. For example, shades and lights can be tied into a system clock that knows when the sun rises and sets so shades can raise or lower as well as lights to help with heating and cooling efficiency.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the bedroom shades go up and lights turn on to a preset level when your alarm goes off? Or have the thermostat adjust during a party according to how many people are in a room? The scenarios are endless. Most of these systems are scalable so you can start with one room and add rooms as you see fit.