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LED Lighting

As the mandate to cease production of incandescent light bulbs nears, the need for LED lighting increases. The number of quality manufacturers and the variety of bulbs are also increasing.

The styles of LED lights include standard A-Style lamp, outdoor floods, MR16 accent, candelabra, and florescent tubes and strips. They also have color temperature variations, which is the warm-ness or white-ness of the light. Many LEDs are dimmable but many are not. The less expensive versions widely available at home improvement stores are normally not dimmable. The technology housed within LED lighting is much more advanced that standard light bulbs, hence their increased price. The offset is their longevity and energy efficiency. Chesapeake Home Theatres has software that can measure the energy efficiency savings and Return-On-Investment time based on your personal usage. So before a single bulb is replaced, you can see how much you will save by replacing old bulbs with new energy efficient LED bulbs. We have a huge selection of LED lights to customize your lighting design allowing for a whole new look for your home.