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Home Theatre

Just about everyone has a friend who has a Home Theatre. With the falling prices of electronics and ever-increasing sources of programming, its no wonder the Home Theatre is high on the list of "Must-Haves".

Many people who are considering a Home Theatre are finishing their basement or may have an unused area in their home and would like to transform that area into an escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Most dedicated theatres are in a separate room and are used solely for watching movies, TV, and even gaming. With the use of a projector and screen, families can enjoy 80 inch to 120 inch screens, 7 channel surround sound and as much seating as the room will allow.

Some areas are intended as more of a multi-purpose entertainment area. With a pool table, a bar, and general entertaining areas, having a movie screen always exposed may not be the best idea. For this application, a retractable screen might be a better choice. Then, with the touch of a button on a remote control, the screen will drop, the projector will come to life, lights will dim, and the magic begins.

Screen technologies have evolved so that ambient light is not much of an issue. With a bright projector and the right screen, a multipurpose room can accommodate lighting that is sufficient for activities while not affecting the quality of the picture.

Chesapeake Home Theatres has the resources to create the space you want. We will help you design the space from start to finish including furniture and lighting.